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High Paying...

NIWDIY.COM pays you 50% commission for every download you sell (full price: $97).

The NIWDIY.COM Affiliate Program offers you leading commissions in the industry. If the customer doesn't purchase our product on the first visit, Clickbanks' tracking cookie will be valid for the following 90 days.

How Much Will You Make?

 Let's do some math. NIW DIY Kit Download = $97;  you take approx. $44.37 (after Clickbank fees). The following table shows you the potential income you can have from promoting our product.

Here are the potential numbers!
Sales Per Day Monthly Income Yearly Income
1 $1,331.10 $15,973.20
5 $6,655.50 $7,9866.00
10 $13,311.0 $159,732.00

Who Pays You?

Clickbank does.

ClickBank.com is the most trusted 3rd party Internet Affiliate Program manager.

Once you've signed up with Clickbank, you can log in and see your referred clicks (hops), sales, and commissions. The statistics are all in real time.

In Summary

  • We only use ClickBank, so you are assured of getting your commissions!
  • We are paying industry leading commissions!
  • You get credit for the sale for 90 days after your referral!

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